Hotel introduction

Beijing Xinhua Insurance Training Center (Xinhua home health technology (Beijing) Co., Ltd.) is located in Yanqing, the summer capital of Beijing, accompanied by Guishui. Yanqing's air and water quality meet the national class I and class II standards. The annual average temperature is 6-8 ℃ lower than that in Beijing. It is an ecological demonstration county in Beijing at present, with a forest coverage rate of 60%. It is a green "oxygen bar" with perfect natural ecology that is difficult to find in Beijing.

The hotel covers an area of 220000 square meters. It began trial operation at the end of 2007. After reconstruction and expansion, it has formed six groups of European style buildings, with small bridges, flowing water and winding paths, with a unique "manor" scenery.

Hotel environment

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Traffic guidance

Beijing city to yanqing xinhua insurance training center driving route guidance:

Beijing yanqing xinhua insurance training center since the driving route, attends Beijing highway (G6), badaling direction, in 62, exports (yanqing city, GuiChuan road) high-speed, along the main road north, to the north to eight welcome around the island after the scene, and turn right at the second red lights, drive about 500 meters road, across from the tower, arrived in Beijing yanqing xinhua insurance training center.